A unique observation of masturbation in a male common langur (Semnopithecus entellus) in Jessore sloth bear sanctuary, Gujarat, India

Abstract :

Masturbation is well studies auto-sexual behaviour in human but explicitly not known in non-human primate. We recorded observation of masturbatory behaviour in a male common langur (Semnopithecus entellus) in dry-deciduous eco-system of Aravali mountain range. Common langurs are old world monkey found in terrestrial forests and urban areas of Indian sub-continent. Their social behaviour exhibit one-male dominancy and mating success that result in lack of sexual opportunities for other males may leads the event of masturbation. This record is providing extremely rare behaviour of common langur that need to be documented as literature for further studies on its sexual behaviour and social structure.

Keyword :

Masturbation, hanuman langur, sexual behaviour, primate, North Gujarat

Author(s) : Rabari, V., Chaudhary, S., Desai, P., Dharaiya, N.
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Published Issue : 2023 Vol. 18 Number 1

2023 Vol. 18 Number 1