A study on the covering setae of three running crab spiders (Araneae: Philodromidae)

Abstract : The seta morphology of Thanatus vulgaris Simon, 1870, Tibellus macellus Simon, 1875 and Philodromus cespitum (Walckenaer, 1802) were determined for the first time in this study. The setae on the prosoma, opisthosoma and legs of these species were examined by SEM. As a result of this examination, it was determined that all species carried pulmose type setae.
Keyword : Philodromidae, seta morphology, Araneae, Türkiye
Author(s) : Baltayeva, H., Demir, H., Seyyar, O.
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Published Issue : 2024 Vol. 19 Number 2

2024 Vol. 19 Number 2