A new species of Stenocorus Geoffroy, 1762 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lepturinae) from Turkey

Abstract :

In the present paper a new species of Stenocorus Geoffroy, 1762 from Kırşehir province (Mucur) in Central Anatolian region of Turkey is described as new: Stenocorus mucurense sp. nov.. It is close to Stenocorus brunnescens (Holzschuh, 1991). The distinguishing characters are discussed. In addition, Stenocorus guveni Özdikmen, 2014 is reported for the second time from Turkey.

Keyword :

Stenocorus, Cerambycidae, Lepturinae, new species, second record, Turkey

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H., Tezcan, S.
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2020 Vol. 15 Number 2