A comprehensive checklist of avifauna in the vicinity of Dantiwada Reservoir with some notable records, Banaskantha, Gujarat

Abstract : The present study was the first attempt to study the avian diversity of Dantiwada reservoir and its vicinity in Banaskantha district, Gujarat, India. Observations were carried out from November 2017 to April 2022 using point count and direct observation methods. A total of 191 taxa of avifauna belonging to 56 families have been reported. The area provided habitat for 115 species of resident birds and 76 species of migratory birds. The survey shows that the landscape is visited by eight threatened, seven vulnerable, and one endangered species. The results of the relative diversity index showed that Anatidae (RD value = 8.42) was the dominant family in the study area. Carnivores, Omnivores, and Insectivores are major feeding guild. This area having a wide range of habitats including microhabitats, and food sources supports both resident and migratory avifauna. The present checklist will provide baseline information on the bird diversity in and around the area.
Keyword : Wetland, migratory birds, waterfowl, North Gujarat
Author(s) : Judal, M., Bhalakiya, H., Prajapati, S.
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Published Issue : 2024 Vol. 19 Number 2

2024 Vol. 19 Number 2