A checklist of Iranian Scoliidae (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea)

Abstract :

The present work comprises a comprehensive faunistic list of the family Scoliidae (Hymenoptera) have been recorded fom Iran so far. It includes 37 species and subspecies in 8 genera (Proscolia Rasnitsyn, Campsomeriella Betrem, Campsomeris Guérin, Colpa Dufour, Dasyscolia Bradley, Micromeriella Betrem, Megascolia Betrem and Scolia Fabricius) and two subfamilies (Proscoliinae and Scoliinae). Synonymies, local and global distribution data are given

Keyword :

Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Scoliidae, Checklist, Iran

Author(s) : Samin, N., Bağriaçik, N., Gadallah, N. S.
Downloads : 1851
Published Issue : 2014 Vol. 9 Number 2

2014 Vol. 9 Number 2