Lacewing (Insecta: Neuroptera) of Iranian rice fields and surrounding grasslands

Abstract : Lacewings (Neuroptera) are efficient predators of pests in different agroecosystems. In this paper, totally 23 species of 14 genera including, Anisochrysa, Chrysopa, Chrysoperla, Cunctochrysa, Dichochrysa, Mallada, Suarius of family Chrysopidae, Coniopteryx, Hemisemidalis of family Coniopterigidae, Hemerobius, Sympherobius, Wesmaelius of family Hemerobiidae and Myrmeleon, Palpares of family Myrmeleontidae were collected from Iranian rice fields and surrounding grasslands
Keyword : Neuroptera, Rice field, Iran
Author(s) : , H. Ghahari, A. Satar, F. Anderle, M. Tabari, M. Havaskary, H. Ostovan
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