Faunistic study of Heteroptera of Zanjanroud region in Zanjan province of Iran

Abstract : A survey was conducted on Heteroptera fauna of Zanjanroud region, in west of Zanjan province during 2006-2007. As many as 1780 specimens were collected from trees, weeds, cereal fields, overwintering places, soil and water. In this study 39 species belonging to 16 families were collected and identified. Three specimens of wihich genus belonging to Lygaeidae, Scutelleridae and Reduviidae were identified at the genus level. Among them The species Anthocoris nemorum (Linnaeus, 1761), Nabis pseudoferus (Romane, 1949), Notonecta viridis (Delcourt, 1909), Velia affinis (Kolenati, 1857), Gerris maculatus (Tamanini, 1946), Hydrometra stagnorum (Linnaeus, 1758), are predators. Species belonging to Pentatomidae had the most frequency. All species are first records from the studied region
Keyword : Fauna, Zanjanroud, Heteroptera
Author(s) : , O. Askari, R. F. Pour Abad, S. Khaghaninia
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