New data on the poorly-known mountain cyclopoid Cyclops ladakanus Kiefer, 1936 (Copepoda: Cyclopidae) from Pamirs (Tajikistan)

Abstract : Data on the morphology and variability of the poorly known cyclopoid Cyclops ladakanus from the mountain lakes Karakul (3950 m above sea level) and Shorkul (3782 m above sea level) in the Pamirs (Tajikistan) are presented. The synonymy of Cyclops ladakanus Kiefer, 1936 and Cyclops pamirensis Gurvich, 1959 is confirmed.
Keyword : Cyclopoida, Cyclops ladakanus, redescription, Lake Karakul, Pamirs, Central Asia
Author(s) : , I. M. Mirabdullayev, Z. A. Mustafaeva
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