A review of the genus Musaria Thomson, 1864 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in Turkey with zoogeographical remarks

Abstract : Eleven species of the genus Musaria Thomson, 1864; namely, Musaria affinis (Harrer, 1784), Musaria anatolica Fuchs & Breuning, 1971, Musaria astarte Ganglbauer, 1885, Musaria boeberi Ganglbauer, 1884, Musaria faldermanni Faldermann, 1837, Musaria kurdistana Ganglbauer, 1884, Musaria puncticollis (Faldermann, 1837), Musaria rubropunctata (Goeze, 1777), Musaria tuerki (Ganglbauer, 1884), Musaria volgensis (Kraatz, 1883) and Musaria wachanrui Mulsant, 1851 were recorded in Turkey. Only one species, Musaria anatolica Fuchs & Breuning, 1971 among all given species is endemic to Turkey. For each taxon, the paper includes zoogeographical remarks and chorotype information.
Keyword : Musaria, Musaria argus, Cerambycidae, Coleoptera, Turkey, new record
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