Asptegopteryx bumbusae (Buckton, 1893) (Hemiptera: Aphidoidea): New to Pakistan! Westernmost range in Asia redefined

Abstract : 

Astegopteryx bambusae (Buckton, 1893) was found on Bambusa sp. L. from Abbaspur, Kashmir-Pakistan in December 2015-2016. Diagnostic features, morphometric data, micro-ecology and supportive images of the encountered species arepresented. The study also attempts to correct rather anomalous distribution status, in the current aphidological literature, of this species vis-a-vis present day Pakistan in the light of bibliographic, geopolitical and biogeographical perspectives and redefines its westernmost range in South East Asia

Keyword : 

Astegopteryx bambusae, Abbaspur, Kashmir, Westernmost range, Pakistan

Author(s) : , M. Amin, K. Mahmood, I. Bodlah
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