Preliminary study of economic insects on gall oak trees at North Cyprus and North Iraq

Abstract : 

The current study was carried out during 2015 at two country, north Cyprus and north Iraq .Various sampling techniques were used to collect different stages of insects from all oak parts (root, stem, branches and leaves). The study revealed the presence of 5 insect species belonging to 3 order and 5 families. The intensity of infestation varied from regions to anther depending on tree age, agricultural practices and variation in food preferences for gall oak by insects. The results of field study showed a highest infestation by oak leaf cutter, Euproctis spp., on gall oak trees in northern of Cyprus and Iraq with a mean infestation reached (30.0, 67.5 %) respectively and a total mean were (86.7 %), followed gall oak wasp,Andricus spp.(25.0, 56.2 %), respectively with a total mean (72.2%), and oak fruit weevil, Curculia spp. (7.5, 20.0%) respectively, total mean (12.0%), while there was a lowest infestation for oak moth, Lymantria dispar L. with infestation mean reached (0 and 5.0%) respectively and total mean were (6.8%). Generally , the percentage of the infestation were highly on gall oak trees in north Cyprus with a general infestation mean reached (50.5%) compared with insect infestations in north Iraq were (45.8%), respectively. Field study results showed variation of infestation by gall oak insects according to the kind of insect, climatic conditions and the part of plant that has been infested, the most insects were observed from the beginning of April month until end of October in both region, with highly infestation in month July and Augusts were reached (70, 85 and 68, 75%) respectively, at mean temperature (29.0, 35.7c0 and 29.0, 35.1) respectively, relative humidity (47.0, 44.7 and 50.0, 48.7%) and precipitation (1.0,0 and 0,0) respectively. While a least infestation at month October and March were reached (15 and 10%) respectively, during study season

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Infestation, economic insects, gall oak, Cyprus, Iraq

Author(s) : , H. O. Hamad, S. A. Mustafa, W. J. Fuller
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