Environmental and ecological survey especially for spider research in Eastern Region of Rajasthan and its catchment area

Abstract : 

Spiders have been regarded as good indicators of habitat quality due to higher sensitivity to change in their environment. Spiders are attractive because of their intriguing biology and they can be easily collected and maintained in laboratory. This survey research was carried out between July 2012 – Dec.2016 in Eastern Region of Rajasthan lies between 27�2170 North Latitude and 77� 4895 East Longitude. The present study was attempted to accomplish the following objectives: The major objective of the present Survey research was to make a situation analysis and review of the Environmental and Arachnological studies undertaken in and around the Eastern Region of Rajasthan, explore the research gaps, and plan futuristic strategy. This included reviewing the present scenario in and around the Eastern Region of Rajasthan, revisiting the completed Arachnological investigation on Eastern Region of Rajasthan and its catchment, collecting and collating the findings of published and unpublished documents, and analyzing the data for examining decadal changes in several ecological variables

Keyword : 

Survey research, Research Gap, Eastern Rajasthan

Author(s) : , K. K. Lawania, P. Mathur
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