Acridoidea (Orthoptera) diversity of Takhni-Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary, Punjab, India

Abstract : 

A preliminary study on the Acridoidea diversity of Takhni-Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary (Hoshiarpur, Punjab) India was conducted on 12-13 November 2011 and 10-11 November 2013.A total of 17 species belonging to 15 genera and 2 families were recorded from the sanctuary for the first time. The family Acrididae dominated the scene with 15 species, followed by Pyrgomorphidae with 2 species. The family Acrididae is represented by 8 subfamilies i.e., Acridinae (4 spp.), Oedipodinae (3 spp.), Catantopinae (2 spp.), Oxyinae (2 spp.), Eyprepocnemidinae (1 sp.), Spathosterninae (1 sp.), Coptacridinae (1sp.) and Gomphocerinae (1 sp.). An analysis of relative abundance revealed that of the 17 species reported, 2 species were classed as common, 4 as less common and the remaining 11 species as uncommon

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Acridoidea, diversity, Takhni-Rehmapur WLS, Punjab

Author(s) : , N. Sharma
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