First record of the maple gallwasp, Pediaspis aceris (Gmelin, 1790) (Cynipidae: Pediaspidini) from Turkey, with a new host record

Abstract : 

In this study, we report a new record that Pediaspis aceris (Gmelin, 1790) belonging to the maple gallwasp (Pediaspidini), on Acer hyrcanum Fisch. & Mey. (Aceraceae) in Isparta. P. aceris is a new record for Cynipidae fauna of Turkey in tribe, genus and species levels. At the same time, A. hyrcanum is a new host record for this species. Geographical distribution, host and photos of the gall are given

Keyword : 

Cynipidae, Pediaspidini, new record, new host, Turkey

Author(s) : , Y. Katılmış, M. Azmaz
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