A new arrangement of Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) speciosus (Adams) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae)

Abstract : 

The valid specific name of Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) bobelayei (Brull�, 1832) is necessarily changed as Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) speciosus (Adams, 1817) stat. nov. In connection with this, Clytus bobelayei Brull�, 1832 syn. nov. is proposed as a new synonym of Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) speciosus (Adams, 1817). Furthermore, the following taxa are proposed as new subspecies to Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) speciosus (Adams, 1817) stat. nov.: Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) speciosus mouzafferi Pic, 1905 ssp. nov. sic stat. nov. from Iran and Iraq, Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) speciosus speciosus (Adams, 1817) ssp. nov. sic stat. nov. from Caucasus (Georgia and Armenia), and Plagionotus speciosus bobelayei (Brull�, 1832) ssp. nov. sic stat. nov. from South-Eastern Europe (including European Turkey), Caucasus (Azerbaijan), Middle East (Israel, Jordan and Syria) and Asian Turkey. Accordingly, the known synonyms of Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) speciosus (Adams, 1817) as Plagionotus bobelayei var. luristanicus Pic, 1911 syn. nov. and Plagionotus persicus Pic, 1951 syn. nov.are transferred to Plagionotus (Neoplagionotus) speciosus mouzafferi Pic, 1905 as new synonyms

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Cerambycidae, Cerambycinae, Clytini, new subspecies, new status, new synonyms

Author(s) : , H. Özdikmen, M. A. Ali
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