New synonyms and combination in the tribe Paralimnini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) from China

Abstract : 

In the present paper, one genus and one species are synonymized in the tribe Paralimnini of the subfamily Deltocephalinae. Didymotettix Yang, 1996 (previously placed in the tribe Athysanini) is a junior synonym of Falcitettix Linnavuori, 1953, Didymotettix kunlunicus Yang, 1996 is a junior synonym of Falcitettix guttiger (Kusnezov, 1929). And, Sorhoanus longivittatus Kuoh, 1981 is transferred to the genus Emeljanovianus based the characters of male genitalia

Keyword : 

Homoptera, taxonomy, leafhopper, nomenclatural change, China

Author(s) : , J. Xing, Z. Li
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