Species of Pseudotorymus Masi in Turkey (Hymenoptera: Torymidae: Microdontomerini)

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In Turkey 21 species of Pseudotorymus Masi (Hymenoptera: Torymidae), were found in several parts of Turkey. The species are: P. sapphyrinus (Fonscolombe, 1832), P. verbasci Erd�s, 1955, P. leguminus Ruschka, 1923, P. papaveris (Thomson, 1876), P. pannonicus (Mayr, 1874), P. bollinensis Askew, 2002 and, 15 of them as new species: P. adananensis sp. nov., P. nigdenensis sp. nov., P. celikhanensis sp. nov., P. lutfiyeae sp. nov., P. haliti sp. nov., P. ke�ikuyusunensis sp. nov., P. aratdaginensis sp. nov., P. dogubayezitensis sp. nov., P. samsatensis sp. nov., P. ispirlii sp. nov., P. aladagensis sp. nov., P. bedirlinensis sp. nov., P. ocaklii sp. nov., P. sivasensis sp. nov., P. pazarcikensis sp. nov.. Type locality of Pseudotorymus juniperi Zerova, 2007 was given by following Zerova et al. (2012). The Turkish species were described and diagnostic characters were illustrasted, and an identification key for the 58 species of Pseudotorymus was provided

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Pseudotorymus spp., Torymidae, key, Turkey

Author(s) : , M. Doğanlar
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