Pseuderimerus Gahan, 1919 (Hymenoptera: Torymidae: Microdontomerini) species from Turkey, with descriptions of new species

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The species of Pseuderimerus Gahan 1919 (Hymenoptera: Torymidae), were reviewed: 5 species, Pseuderimerus bouceki Zerova & Seregina, 1994; Pseuderimerus flavus (Nikolskaya 1952); Pseuderimerus irani Zerova & Seryogina, 2008; Pseuderimerus luteolus Zerova & Seregina, 1990 and Pseuderimerus luteus Boucek, 1954 were transfered to Idiomacromerus Crawford (new combinations). Two new species found in the South-Eastern and Southern Anatolia of Turkey. The species, P. sanliurfanensis n. sp.from Şanlıurfa, Bozova, Kang�rmez and P. adananensis n. sp. from Adana were described, diagnostic characters were illustrated, and an identification key for the palearctic species was provided

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Pseuderimerus spp., Torymidae, Turkey

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