Re-description of the adults of Indian gypsy moth Lymantria obfuscata Walker (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) in Himachal Pradesh, India

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Lymantria obfuscata Walker is a serious pest of about 200 broad-leaved tree species, including oaks, throughout India. It is a small moth, belonging to family Lymantriidae (class Insecta), which over-winter in egg stage in the form of egg-masses and has six larval instars. Sexual dimorphism was distinct, as the female moths were dull brown having shiny pubescence and sedentary, while the males were dark coloured having well-developed wings. The taxonomic description was not completely available in the past so the present study emphasized on the re-description of the adult stages of L. obfuscata

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Lymantria obfuscata, IGM, genitalia, wing venation, scales

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