A comparative study of the spider (Araneae) fauna in Keoladeo National Park (KNP), Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary (NWS) and Sur-sarovar Bird Sanctuary (SBS), India

Abstract : 

Spiders are the highly diverse group of invertebrates and occupy various habitats. A preliminary checklist of spiders of the three reserve areas namely, KNP, NWS and SBS is provided based on a comparative study undertaken during March 2012 to February 2014. A total of 88 species belonging to 54 genera and 17 families were recorded from the said areas. In all these areas, Salticidae (Ground runner), Araneidae (Orb web weaver), Lycocidae (Ground-active runner) and Oxyopidae (Foliage runner) families were most diverse families. The present study was undertaken to establish a relationship in similar climatic zone

Keyword : 

Comparative diversity, spider fauna, KNP, NWS, SBS

Author(s) : , K. K. Lawania, M. M. Trigunayat
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