Research of aquatic Coleoptera fauna of The Inner Western Anatolia, Part - I (Adephaga)

Abstract : 

4327 specimens belonging to the adephagan water beetles were collected by area studies between April-September in 2007-2009 in provinces of Afyon, Denizli, K�tahya and Uşak locate in Inner Western Anatolia of Turkey. As a result of identification of these specimens, 77 species group taxa (72 species and 5 subspecies) of 25 genera of 4 families belong to the order Coleoptera were determined (Gyrinidae: 9 species; Haliplidae: 8 species; Noteridae: 1 species; Dytiscidae: 54 species and 5 subspecies)

Keyword : 

Aquatic Coleoptera, Fauna, Inner Western Anatolia, Turkey

Author(s) : , M. Darılmaz, S. Kıyak
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