Lygistopterus escalerai Pic, 1942 stat. nov., and other notes on the genus Lygistopterus Mulsant, 1838 in The Palaearctic Region (Coleoptera: Lycidae)

Abstract : 

The Palaearctic species of Lygistopterus Mulsant, 1838 are examined, giving a detailed iconography of the main diagnostic characters. The subspecies L. sanguineus escalerai Pic, 1942 is elevated to the rank of species (L. escalerai stat. nov.). Lectotypus and Paralectotypi of Lygistopterus anorachilus Ragusa, 1883 are designated

Keyword : 

Lygistopterus, Lygistopterus escalerai, Lygistopterus anorachilus,Lectotypus

Author(s) : , F. Terzani, F. Ceccolini, E. Paggetti
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