A propose to new arrangement on some Dorcadionini (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Abstract : 

The Turkish endemic subgenus Dorcadion (Megalodorcadion) Pesarini & Sabbadini is upgraded to genus level. In accordance with, two new subgenera are proposed for Megalodorcadion Pesarini & Sabbadini stat. n.. And also two new subgenera are proposed for the genus Neodorcadion Ganglbauer too. A short key to the genus group taxa of Dorcadionini for Turkey is also proposed

Keyword : 

Cerambycidae, Dorcadionini, Dorcadion, Megalodorcadion, Neodorcadion, new subgenera

Author(s) : , H. Özdikmen, G. Kaya
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