Additional notes on aquatic Coleoptera fauna of Turkey with a new record (Helophoridae, Hydrophilidae)

Abstract : In this study, 31 aquatic beetle specimens collected from the provinces Denizli, Aydın, Isparta and Antalya in south-west Mediterranean region of Turkey, between 2000? 2002 have been established faunistically. It has been determined that they belong to 13 species of 7 genera of 2 families. 7 of these examined species are new records for south-west Mediterranean region and Helophorus (s.str.) grandis Illiger, 1798 is a new record for Turkey.
Keyword : Coleoptera, Helophoridae, Hydrophilidae, fauna, new record, Turkey
Author(s) : , S. Kıyak, S. Canbolat, A. Salur, M. Darılmaz
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