Harvestmen records from the K�pr�l� Canyon National Park, Antalya (Arachnida: Opiliones)

Abstract : 

In this study, a total of 91 harvestmen specimens were collected from various localities of the Koprulu Canyon National Park between 2005 and 2006. Adult individuals as a result of a systematic evaluation of the collected and bioecological aspect, four species in four genera in two families were determinated. Description, morphology, habitat, ecology and geographical distribution of the species were examined. At the end of this study, in Phalangiidae, Lacinius ephippiatus (CL Koch, 1835), Odiellus lendli (Soerensen 1894), Zacheus crista (Brulle, 1832), and in Dicranolasmatidae, Dicranolasma scabrum (Herbst, 1799) have been identified. Among the species Odiellus lendli is a new record for the opilionid fauna of Turkey. Together with Odiellus lendli the species number that recorded from Turkey raised to 70.

Keyword : 

The K�pr�l� Canyon National Park, Fauna, Turkey, Opiliones, Harvestmen.

Author(s) : , İ.Ç. Öcal, N. Y. Kayhan, A. Bayram, T. Danışman, Z. Sancak
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