Araneo-fauna of Kemaliye (Erzincan) from Turkey

Abstract : In this study, Araneae fauna of Kemaliye was investigated. In Kemaliye, 132 species belonging to 69 genera within 24 families were confirmed to occur. Of these species, 1 species (Nigma flavescens (Walckenaer, 1830) of Dictynidae, 1 species (Asianellus festivus (C. L. Koch, 1834)) of Salticidae, 1 species (Zoropsis oertzeni Dahl, 1901) of Zoropsidae are new records for Turkish araneo-fauna.
Keyword : Arachnida, Araneae, Fauna, Kemaliye, Turkey
Author(s) : , T. Türkeş, H. Karabulut
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