Dorcadion (Megalodorcadion) Pesarini & Sabbadini, 1998 with a new species from Turkey (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Abstract : The Turkish endemic subgenus Dorcadion (Megalodorcadion) Pesarini & Sabbadini, 1998 is evaluated. And also the following new taxon is described: Dorcadion (Megalodorcadion) dombilicoides sp. n. from Turkey, close to D. glabrofasciatum Daniel, 1900. A short key to the identification of the species of Dorcadion (Megalodorcadion) is proposed
Keyword : Cerambycidae, Dorcadioninae, Dorcadion, Megalodorcadion, new species, Turkey
Author(s) : , H. Özdikmen, G. Kaya
Downloads : 1873

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