The species of suborder Heteroptera (Hemiptera) on vineyards agroecosystems which found in Diyarbakır, Elazığ and Mardin provinces, Turkey

Abstract : This study has been realized in the localities of Diyarbakır, Elazığ and Mardin during 2006-2007 where vineyards agroecosystem plantations are common. In total, 10 Heteroptera species from five families (Pentatomidae, Scutelleridae, Miridae, Coreidae and Lygaeidae) were recorded in these provinces. The distribution of collected species in each province varied greatly; these were in total, 2 species from two families recorded at two sampling locations in Diyarbakır, 3 species from two families recorded at one sampling locations in Elazıg, 5 species from three families at two sampling locations in Mardin respectively. From these families was collected of 59 specimens. Apart the Nysius cymoides and Holcostethus vernalis Wolff, 1804, all species were recorded of first times of the vineyards agroecosystem
Keyword : Vineyard, Heteroptera, fauna, Turkey
Author(s) : , İ. Özgen
Downloads : 1905

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