Investigation of Emblica officinalis diet on Longevity, behavior and fitness characters in a Drosophilid: Phorticella striata

Abstract : Drosophilid is one of the model organisms to test Aryuvedic medicines. The objective of our study was to explore the potential of Emblica officinalis drug on longevity, sexual behavior and reproductive fitness of Drosophila melanogaster using adult feeding method. Increase in the lifespan, fecundity, fertility, ovarioles number and developmental time was observed in both parents and F1 generation, but not in the F2 generation in experimental culture (control+ Emblica officinalis). According to the DMRT and ANOVA there is a significant difference between two cultures. It was also noticed that Emblica officinalis influence some fitness characters in Drosophila along with sexual behavior
Keyword : Ayurveda, Drosophilid, Emblica officinalis
Author(s) : , B. R. Guru Prasad, M. C. Mokshith, P. Pankaj
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