Remarks on the type material of some Cerambycidae from Iran described by M. Pic (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Abstract : The type series of Apatophysis (Angustephysis) richteri Pic, 1956, Osphranteria lata Pic, 1956 (= O. richteri Heyrovskı, 1959), Purpuricenus schauffelei Pic, 1956 and Derolus mauritanicus iranensis Pic, 1956 (= Derolus mauritanicus iranensis Lepesme & Breuning, 1958) (lectotype and paralectotypes designated) are examined and depicted. Apatophysis richteri is regarded as a synonym of A. modica Gahan, 1906
Keyword : Cerambycidae, Iran, Apatophysis, Osphranteria, Purpuricenus, Derolus, new synonymy, lectotype, paralectotypes
Author(s) : , G. Sama
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