Redescription of Brachyaulax cyaneovitta (Walker) (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae)

Abstract : Brachyaulax cyaneovitta (Scutelleridae: Scutellerinae) was described from China by Walker (1867), and this genus is known so far from five species. It is distinguished by its small (almost 0.5x as Scutellera spp.) odoriferous orifice and abdominal furrow reaching only up to second abdominal segment. The present study describes the female of B. cyaneovitta along with its genitalia and the morphometrics of the essential taxonomic characters. B. cyaneovitta can be distinguished by head, pronotum, metathoracic scent gland, abdomen etc., which are illustrated herein
Keyword : Brachyaulax cyaneovitta, Scutelleridae, redescription, female genitalia
Author(s) : , S. Parveen, S. Khokhar, K. Usmani, V. V. Ramamurthy
Downloads : 1941

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