A new species of Procamallanus (Denticamallanus) (Nematoda: Camallanidae) in Thoracocharax stellatus (Pisces: Gasteropelecidae) from Argentina

Abstract : A new species, Procamallanus (Denticamallanus) ana n. sp., from Thoracocharax stellatus (Kner, 1858) intestine is described and illustrated. It represents the first reported species of Argentina and the second one of South America. It differs from its congener mainly because the presence of saw-like spiral thickenings of buccal capsule and outstanding basal ring in both sexes; females with 5-7 saw-like spiral thickenings in the inner surface of posterior half of capsule without tooth-like structure; males with two pairs of postanal papillae and one saw-like spiral thickening in the inner surface of capsule although with two single and conical teeth at its posterior half
Keyword : Procamallanus (Denticamallanus), Nematodes parasites, freshwater fishes, Argentina
Author(s) : , G. Ramallo
Downloads : 1861

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