Thirty-seven species of oribatid mites (Acari: Sarcoptiformes: Oribatida) from East Azerbaijan province of Iran with new five genera and six species for Iran fauna

Abstract : During 2006, a faunal study on mites was coducted in alfalfa fields of six regions in East Azerbaijan (Northwest Iran) including Soofian, Payam, Zenooz, Marand, Shabestar and Jolfa, which resulted in collecting, mounting and identifying of 681 mite specimens. In this study 37 species, belonging to 31 genera and 20 families were identified in which 5 genera and 6 species were new records for mite fauna of Iran and 18 genera and 25 species were new records for mite fauna of East Azerbaijan province. Results showed that the maximum mean number was obtained in Shabestar at mid-September. Among identified species, Oribatula (Zygoribatula) connexa connexa Berlese, 1904 was more frequently observed
Keyword : Alfalfa, East Azerbaijan, Fauna, Iran, Oribatida, soil
Author(s) : , P. Lotfollahi, K. H. Irani Nejad
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