Substitute names for some Nematoda

Abstract : Five junior homonyms were detected amongst the nematod genus group names and the following replacement names are proposed: Novadelonema nom. nov. for Adelonema Holovachov & Sturhan, 2003; Aborjinia nom. nov. for Australonema Tchesunov & Spiridonov 1985; Mukhina nom. nov. for Brevistoma Mukhina, 1981; Mooleptus nom. nov. for Metaleptus Machida, Ogawa & Okiyama, 1982 and Paradoxostrongylus nom. nov. for Parastrongylus Yin, Jiang & Kung, 1986. Accordingly, new combinations are herein proposed for the species currently included in these genera: Novadelonema camerunense (Holovachov & Sturhan, 2003) comb. nov. from Adelonema camerunense Holovachov & Sturhan, 2003 (Diplopeltidae), Aborjinia eulagiscae (Tchesunov & Spiridonov, 1985) comb. nov. from Australonema eulagiscae Tchesunov & Spiridonov, 1985 (Marimermithidae), Mukhina elegans (Mukhina, 1981) comb. nov. from Brevistoma elegans Mukhina, 1981 (Panagrolaimidae), Mooleptus rabuka (Machida, Ogawa & Okiyama, 1982) comb. nov. from Metaleptus rabuka Machida, Ogawa & Okiyama, 1982 (Physalopteridae) and Paradoxostrongylus paradoxus (Yin, Jiang & Kung, 1986) comb. nov. from Parastrongylus paradoxus Yin, Jiang & Kung, 1986 (Strongylidae).
Keyword : nomenclatural change, homonymy, replacement names, Nematoda
Author(s) : , H. Özdikmen
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