Species of the flower bugs genus Anthocoris Fallen, 1814 from Mashhad region, North?East of Iran (Heteroptera: Anthocoridae)

Abstract : In the faunistic studies, carried out during 2006-2007, three species of Anthocoris Fall. belonging to subfamily Anthocorinae and tribe Anthocorini (Het.: Anthocoridae) were collected from Mashhad region. The Anthocoris species which are the predators of some injourius arthropod species such as aphids, psylls, thrips, caterpillars and mites were identified as follow: Anthocoris nemoralis F., A. pilosus (Jak.) and A. guentheri Peric. Furthermore, the identification key to these species was given.
Keyword : Anthocoris, Iran, fauna, Mashhad
Author(s) : , M. H. Awal, M. M. Awal
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