A contribution to the snout beetles fauna of Khorasan province in Iran (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Abstract : This study was conducted to identification of curculionid species in Khorasan province during 2006-2008. Results indicated that among 23 curculionid species determined, 7 ones including Baris limbata Brisouth, Aspidapion radiolus (Marsham), Dorytomus hirtipennis (Bedel), D. longimanus (Forstor), Tychius medicaginis Brisout, T. turanensis Faust and Corigetus seistanicus Suvorov were reported for the first time from Iran.
Keyword : Curculioniddae, Mashhad, Iran, Fauna, New record
Author(s) : , M. M. Awal, F. Hossein Pour
Downloads : 1932

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