New records of tarsonemid mites from alfalfa fields in northwest of east Azerbaijan province, Iran (Acari)

Abstract : In order to study the tarsonemid soil mite fauna of alfalfa fields in Northwest of East Azarbaijan province including Soofian, Payam, Zenooz, Marand, Shabestar and Jolfa, soil samples were taken at three different times of the year 2006 (mid-May, mid-July and mid-September). Tarsonemid mites were seperated and identified. In this study 3 genera (Tarsonemus, Steneotarsonemus and Neotarsonemoides) and 10 species (Steneotarsonemus acuticlavus Wainstein, 1979*, Steneotarsonemus arcuatus Livshitz, Mitrofanov & Sharonov, 1979*, Tarsonemus waitei Banks, 1912**, Tarsonemus mixtus Kaliszewski, 1993*, Tarsonemus fusarii Cooreman, 1941, Tarsonemus intextus Kaliszewski, 1993*, Tarsonemus annotatus Livshitz, Mitrofanov & Sharonov, 1979*, Tarsonemus bilobatus Suski, 1965**, Tarsonemus limitatus Kaliszewski, 1993*, Neotarsonemoides* lucifer (Schaarschmidt, 1959)*) were identified, of which 1 genera and 7 species are new records for mite fauna of Iran and 1 genera and 9 species are new records for mite fauna of East Azerbaijan that indicated with * and ** respectively.
Keyword : Alfalfa, East Azerbaijan, Iran, new record, Tarsonemidae
Author(s) : , P. Lotfollahi, K. H. Irani Nejad
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